Skiing Fred


Start a new journey with a little boy named Fred in Skiing Fred. Control Fred to dodge all obstacles along the way and ski as far as possible.

A little boy named Fred is chased by a death god named Grimmy on the snowy mountain. Can you help him escape from the death god? Take control of the little boy to ski as far as possible. Be careful with obstacles like barriers, snowballs, meteors, penguins, and so on. If you hit them, the game is over. Therefore, you should jump or move left or right to evade them. Another way is to collect berries scattered along the way. These berries will help you revive right after you crash into the obstacles. Don't forget to collect as many coins as possible. Spend the coins you earn to buy new characters, gear, boosters, and worlds in the shop.

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How to control

Press Left-Right Arrow Keys to steer left or right.

Press the Spacebar to jump.