Roller Baller


Roller Baller is a fun and engaging skill game. Your goal of controlling the ball to jump or roll over the steps and go straight to the finish line.

How to play

You are in space, controlling a golf ball with the arrow keys for movement and the spacebar for jumping. Your objective is to leap from one platform to another, regardless of size or height, and reach the end of each course, where you rest in a circle of light. If you do so, the level will be completed, but if you fall between the platforms and into space, you will lose and have to begin the level from the beginning. Each new level has a course that is not only more challenging but also more thrilling and entertaining, so we hope you will begin immediately and give it your all!

After you have completed all of the game's stages, you will be given the opportunity to play the Freeplay mode. In this mode, the objective is to go as far as possible without collapsing the platform you are on.


  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • Space Bar: Jump
  • R: Restart level