Angry Birds


Angry Birds is a physics-based puzzle game between revenge of angry birds and blue pigs. Your mission is to help the birds shoot down the mischievous blue pigs.


You control a slingshot, and your task is to determine the angle and force needed to launch your avian ammunition with accuracy. As you advance through the levels, the difficulty escalates, demanding greater precision and a deeper understanding of the game's physics. The pigs construct increasingly complex structures, requiring you to hone your bird-flinging skills to overcome these porcine puzzles.

Characteristics of each bird

At the heart of the Angry Birds experience are its colorful and endearing avian protagonists. These birds come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and abilities, and each one plays a crucial role in your quest for revenge.

Red: The de facto leader of the Angry Birds, Red is a classic and well-rounded bird with no special abilities. His strength lies in his adaptability, making him the perfect choice for those tricky shots that require precision.

Chuck: With his exceptional speed, Chuck is the bird to turn to when you need to strike with swiftness and accuracy. He can accelerate mid-flight, making him a formidable weapon in levels where timing is key.

The Blues: These bluebirds have the unique ability to separate into three smaller birds when tapped. This fragmentation can be a game-changer, enabling you to hit multiple targets in one go.

Bomb: True to his name, Bomb can explode on command. This explosive power makes him a potent choice for levels with tough obstacles and well-protected pigs.

Matilda: Matilda's egg-laying ability allows her to drop explosive eggs mid-flight, creating a powerful area of effect damage when they detonate.

Hal: Hal is a boomerang-shaped bird with a talent for looping backward after launch. This ability enables you to strike from behind, catching your opponents off guard.

Terence: Terence is a heavyweight bird with exceptional destructive power. He may be slow, but when he hits, he hits hard.


Left-click to select

Left-click and hold to drag