Bloxorz is a complimentary puzzle game. There are a total of 33 levels or stages in the game, each one being more difficult than the one that came before it.

How to play

The goal of the game is to position the block so that it enters the square hole at the conclusion of each level. If you go off the edge of the screen, the level will restart. When the block is pressed down, it activates the bridges and switches. Bridges can be kept closed without your constant presence at the switch. Heavy X-shaped switches and gentle round ones are the two most common types. When any portion of your block presses a soft switch, it will trigger an action. If you want to use a hard switch, your block will need to be on its end. Each toggle switch may have a unique effect when triggered. When some people utilize it, they will alternate between having the bridges open and closed. Some bridges can only be opened once, and no amount of repeated activation will cause them to close again. Squares will flash green or red depending on which bridges are open for traffic. Tiles of the color orange tend to break easier than the rest of the landscape. The orange tile will give way if your block is standing on end, sending it tumbling to the ground. Finally, there's a ()-shaped switch for when everything else fails. It simultaneously teleports your block to two distinct locations and splits it into two smaller blocks. These have separate controls but, when placed next to one another, form a standard building block.


Use the arrow.