Skate Hooligans


Take part in an endless adventure with a cute boy in Skate Hooligans. Run as far as possible to escape from the policeman without crashing into obstacles.

As a little boy plays football on the street, he is chased by a policeman. Let's help him escape from the policeman now. Control the boy to jump, slide down, or move left or right to dodge vehicles and barriers on the path. Besides, collecting coins is also an important mission. Try your best to gather as many coins as possible and use them to purchase new characters and skateboards in the shop. In addition, power-ups are also essential items that you have to grab along the way since they will protect you from obstacles and run further.

How to control: Press ARROW KEYS to jump, slide down, and move left or right.

Game maps in Skate Hooligans

In this game, you have to run in four locations including the downtown, subway, amusement park and airport. At the start of the game, you can choose the downtown map to play. The other maps are locked. Collect all tokens, T-rexes, and aeroplanes to unlock them. Come on! Play the game to conquer all maps in the game. If you are keen on this game, I recommend you check out Slope Game, Paper Flight, and Slope Cyber.