Dino Game


Dino Game is an endless runner game in a primitive setting. A cute T-Rex dinosaur galloping through an ancient desert serves as the main character.

During the game, the Lonely T-Rex wanders from left to right across black-and-white desert terrain, with the player attempting to escape impending hazards such as cacti and Pteranodons by jumping or ducking. As the game advances, the speed of play rapidly rises until the user encounters an obstacle, resulting in an instant game over.

When the player gets roughly 700 points, the game transforms from dark grey graphics on a white backdrop to pale grey images on a black background, indicating a transition from day to night, and daytime sky pictures also become nocturnal sky graphics. The colour scheme then changes as the game advances. The game was meant to attain its maximum score after about 17 million years of gaming, in allusion to how long the T-Rex lasted before becoming extinct during the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction catastrophe.