Slope Ball

187 votes 3/5

Slope Ball is an enjoyable running game. Your mission is to direct the character's jumps in order to avoid obstacles on the track and safely complete the levels.

In this game, your only task is to control your character and jump over all obstacles in your path. The obstacles may be placed separately or adjacently, posing a number of challenges for you. They sometimes make a narrow space between themselves so that you get caught in a trap or don't have time to jump over them. You must be cautious not to fall into these traps. To advance to the next level, you must jump over all of them.

There are numerous levels to choose from, and many maps have been created using these levels. Each map has three to four levels, each with a different visual and colour scheme. Even the decorations vary widely.

There are up to five maps from which to choose. The first is Xpert, in which you must avoid the T-Rex Tyrannosaurus. When you defeat Giant Snake Titanoboa on the second map, the Truth map, you will become the hero. The following map will be Dark Trip, which will feature the Flying Monster Quetzalcoatlus. You will join the Ferocious Bear Megatherium and even the Shark Megalodon in the final two maps. After completing the levels in the previous map, you can select a new map. The last two maps must be unlocked before you can play the game. To win, try to connect all of the maps and complete all of the levels.