Little Big Snake


The best slithering game there is may be found in Little Big Snake. You may be large, but you'll need more than that to survive in the world of Ambrosia.

On the jungle floor, deep under the canopy of leaves, you have to protect yourself from a wide range of possible dangers with only your mouse and some hard-earned upgrades. In Little Big Snake, you start as a small snake that looks like a worm and has to eat, smash, and slither up the food chain. If you want to do more than just stay alive, you'll have to drink nectar, kill Jujas, the main pest in the jungle, and eat all kinds of disgusting bugs. But beware! The game is an MMO, which means that you won't be the only snake trying to move up the leaderboard.

You'll have to be sneaky if you want to win. Never attack another snake head-on, because you will die if you do. You can kill other snakes by tricking them into running into you or by wrapping your own scaled body around them and suffocating them to death. Each enemy snake you kill will leave a trail of nectar that you can use to grow. The more enemies you kill and the bigger you get, the more coins you get. Between levels, you can use your coins to improve different parts of your snake. Everything, from how fast you are to how agile you are to how creepy your skin is. Little Big Snake is an addicting snake game where you and your creepy crawler go up against an army of players from all over the world.

How to Play the Game:

Use the mouse to move your snake around.