Tower Defense


Tower Defense is a strategy game in which the goal is to defend your region from opposing attacks. Build defenses strategically to destroy the enemy.

Tower Defense Strategies

Tower defense games can be challenging for newcomers, so here are a few quick pointers that apply to the majority of the games on the Tower Defense Games Playlist.

Place towers on corners

Placing towers on corners increases their chances of shooting down enemy objects. This is especially useful for short-range projectiles that cannot travel the entire map.

Long-range towers should go toward the middle

If towers can span the entire map, positioning them in the center will maximize their range and efficiency. Even if they can't reach the entire map yet, you'll most likely be able to upgrade their range as you progress through the game.


When it comes to upgrades, you should do a lot of them. Almost every game on the Tower Defense Games Playlist allows you to improve your defenses. This is especially useful for more powerful projectiles that will serve as your team's workhorses.

How to play:

Use your mouse to select weapons.