Smash Karts


Enjoy a free io multiplayer Kart Battle Arena experience in the game Smash Karts. Win the extreme and fun task by mastering your vehicles and skills.

How to play

Participate in a battle to the finish where the laws of the racetrack don't apply in this game. Go off in any direction you like and cause mayhem along the way. Crash into opponents or wipe them out with a wildfire attack. Try to make it to the conclusion of the round while collecting awesome bonuses.

Unlock many new characters in the game Smash Karts

You can use character tokens in the prize machine to unlock new characters with varying degrees of exceptionality. Roll over the crates with question marks to obtain random weaponry and catalysts. You'll see everything from rockets to automatic weapons and mines. Get in your racecar and start causing havoc!


Use the arrow keys or WASD.

Hit Space to unleash the attack.