Capybara Clicker


Capybara Clicker is a simple mouse click game, your goal is to increase the rate of capybara reproduction to a level where their numbers exceed quadrillions.

How to play

Your goal is simply to click the screen to gather acorns. You may improve your powers, including how quickly you can gather acorns or how many you can carry at once, as you amass more acorns. You can collect acorns more quickly and efficiently with the help of numerous power-ups and bonuses that can be purchased. A better cursor, multiplier, more powerful clicking, and other enhancements are all available as power-ups. Unlocking new capybara characters grants you access to their unique skills, such as increasing your rate of acorn collection or allowing you to harvest acorns even while you're not actively playing the game.


Use the mouse: To manually duplicate capybaras, click the capybara on the screen several times with the left mouse button. Click the buttons after they light up to increase click power.