Bad Time Simulator


Bad Time Simulator is a bullet hell game based on the Undertale character Sans. The goal is to survive as long as possible against waves of human attacks.

How to play

You will go on this journey with a figure that is nefarious and cunning at the same time. He is a belligerent person who despises everyone in his immediate vicinity. Your mission at this point is to assist this hero in obliterating everything in his path and reducing the villages to ashes. Collecting gems will allow you to unlock new abilities in this virtual environment, use a unique flying carpet to go about, and gather as many as you can.

Kill the fastest enemies in the game Bad Time Simulator

You will have the ability to annihilate your opponents by using the power of the ocean, the volcano, and the lightning. There will always be a display showing the number of diamonds you have as well as the number of enemies you need to destroy. In order to go to the next level, it is necessary for you to eliminate each of them. You will continually put your life in danger, and in order to proceed, you will have to make the appropriate choices.


Arrow keys: move and jump

X: attack