Motor Rush


Motor Rush is a thrilling racing game. Your mission is to drive your motorbike to the finish line and attack your enemies to eliminate them from the race.

Are you ready for the breathtaking motorbike race in this game? Your goal is to cross the finish line in the shortest time. Control your motorbike to go on the slanted boards to increase the speed. Pick up the weapons to kill your enemies. Of course, your opponents can do the same thing with you, so you have to drive your motorbike to avoid their attacks. Always pay attention to your heart-shaped blood bar. If you run out of blood, you will lose. Try your best to kill as many enemies as possible and be the first one to reach the finish line. Attempt to collect as many diamonds as possible. Accomplish daily tasks to obtain more diamonds.

Don't wait anymore! Tap to start the motorbike race now. Are you the best motorbike racer?

Features of Motor Rush

  • 30 levels with varying degrees of difficulty
  • Daily rewards and daily tasks
  • Many dangerous obstacles and weapons
  • Easy controls
  • Bright graphics and vibrant sound effects

How to play: Use the mouse to control.