Play to attend the war for territory between hundreds of nations in the world. Expand your country as large as possible to get a high rank.

Are you ready for the fight for territory? Click the Play button to start the fight now. First, you need to choose the location of your capital on the world map. Then, click constantly on the Weapon button to conquer inhabited lands and neighboring nations. Besides fighting, you can use peaceful methods. For example, you can send resources and collaborate with neighboring countries to boost your strength. Attempt to expand your nation as large as possible to get a high rank on the leaderboard at the top left of the screen.

How to control: Use the mouse to play.

Game modes and maps in

Two game modes including Multiplayer and Single Player are playable in this game. Choose one of them and then select a game map. This game has many maps such as Halo, Pond, World, Cliffs, Island, and so on. Select one of these maps and start to play this game now. If you enjoy this game, take a look at, Slope Game,, and on our website.