Snake Game


Participate in the hunt for food with a little snake in Snake Game. Move around the map to search for yummy apples and try to dodge other snakes.

This game has the same style as Happy Snakes. In this game, your mission is to control the snake to move around the map to eat apples. Consuming apples will help to lengthen your snake. Try to become the longest and strongest in the arena. However, you also need to take caution with the green potion bottles and bombs. They will shorten the length of your snake or make it die. Therefore, attempt to evade them at all costs. Don't wait anymore! Play the game and have fun with many players worldwide. If you like this game, be sure to take a look at Makeover Run, Slope Game, and on our website.

How to control: Press ARROW KEYS to control the snake.

Some effective tips for Snake Game

  • Evade other snakes when your snake is little.
  • Trap other snakes to kill them when your snake is very long.
  • Be careful with the edges of the arena.
  • Start from the corners of the arena first.