Cat Mario


Cat Mario is a fun platformer that takes you into a space full of pitfalls. Your task is to take the cute character through 6 difficult levels.

How to play

The game is designed to be extremely challenging, and it contains hazards and challenges that, if the player encounters them, would result in an instant game over. While some hazards, such as spikes and pits, might be anticipated, others, such as invisible blocks that become visible when the player leaps on them, can take the player completely by surprise.

In this game, there are very unique gameplay mechanics. For instance, the player's character won't be able to defeat adversaries by stomping on them, instead, foes will be able to eliminate the player by simply touching them. In addition, there are several power-ups that, at first glance, appear to be beneficial but, in reality, end up being detrimental to the player. One example of this is the mushroom, which makes the character very little.

Tips and Tricks

Take your time: moving through the levels is not something that should be rushed. Before you make a move, carefully examine the hazards, including the traps and the obstructions.

Be cautious of power-ups: There are occasions when power-ups can trick you, so you should approach them with extreme caution.

Look for hidden blocks: There are some blocks in the game that, when broken, can reveal coins or other useful items.

Memorize the level: You should revisit the level after you have an understanding of the traps and challenges in order to increase both your time and score.

Use save states: If you are playing the game on an emulator, make use of save states so that you do not have to start all of the levels over again.


  • AD or left and right arrows to move
  • W or up arrow to jump
  • F1 to reset
  • O to self-destruct