8 Ball Pool


Join 8 Ball Pool which is a highly addictive billiard game. Your objective is to sink all your balls and the 8 ball before your opponent does that.

In this game, you need to compete with another player. Use the cue stick to hit the cue ball on the table. After being hit, the cue ball will crash into other balls and make them fall into one of six pockets. Your goal is to pocket all your balls before your rival does that. Look at the top of the screen to know what your balls are. After sinking all your balls, you need to aim at the 8 ball and shoot it into your chosen pocket. If it falls into the wrong pocket, you will foul and your rival will become the winner.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button and release it to hit the ball.

All levels in 8 Ball Pool

This game offers three levels including Easy, Medium, and Hard. An Easy level is suitable for beginners who are just on the verge of discovering the game. Meanwhile, if you master this game, don't hesitate to challenge yourself with Medium and Hard levels now. If you love this game, try playing Billiard Blitz Challenge, Slope Game, and BasketBros on our website.