Dumb Ways to Die


Dumb Ways To Die is a quirky and comical journey where your every decision determines the fate of the main character. In the game, you will face sudden death.

How to play

The first task is a test of how fast and quick you can move. You have to click your way through the game to help the figure run as fast as they can to avoid danger. In this fast-paced level, you need to have quick reflexes to avoid the many dangers and hurdles that you will face.

Introducing the main character's challenges

Level 1: Fleet feet or face defeat

The first job looks easy, but it's not. Run as fast as you can to help the main character stay alive. What's the catch? The speed is set by how many times you click. The person runs faster the faster you click. Failure to keep up the pace leads to an abrupt death.

Level 2: Space Odyssey

In the second job, you are in space and asteroids are coming at you from all directions. What's your job? Get rid of these cosmic risks quickly to keep a disaster from happening in space. To make it through this dangerous space trip, you need to be precise and have quick reactions.

Level 3: Beware of the Bear

Next, a huge bear shows up, which makes things even more urgent. The figure needs to move quickly because the bear is threatening to eat their head. It's all about timing, and a moment of doubt can cause a very strange outcome.

Level 4: Stitching Survival

As if going to space and meeting bears weren't hard enough, the next task has you act like a doctor. You have to carefully stitch up a cut on the character's body with a needle and thread. The success of this medical procedure depends on how well speed and accuracy work together.

How to play

Use the mouse.