Suika Game


Suika Game is a fruit-dropping game inspired by difficult games in Japan. Your task is to combine fruits of the same size so that they form a watermelon.

How to play

Each type of fruit will have different colors and sizes from small to large. It's hard to figure out how to merge fruits in a way that speeds up growth and creates watermelon, which is the peak of fruit evolution. The game takes place in a small container, so players have to think strategically about how to stack and mix fruits to get the most out of the game.

The attraction in the game Suika Game

The distinguishing factor of the Suika Game is its impeccable fusion of simplicity and intricacy. At its core, the goal is evident - combine fruits to increase their size and rise the ranks of the fruity hierarchy. However, underlying this simple concept lies a complex challenge, as players must strategically plan their actions to optimize the restricted area within the container. The game achieves an optimal equilibrium, offering sufficient intricacy to captivate players without crossing into exasperation.

How to control

Use the mouse.