Slope Run

2125 votes 4.1/5

Slope Run is a superb running game in which you have to join a running race in an extremely long tunnel. Do your best to go as far as possible.

In this game, you get an opportunity to explore the space tunnel connecting planets in the universe. Guide a ball to roll as far as possible to gain the highest possible score. You can see a series of brown unstable tiles and insurmountable leaps in the tunnel. Control the ball to jump from one tile to another tile to avoid the giant leaps. If it lands on the unstable tiles, take control of it to jump to another tile immediately. This game supports a daily, weekly and monthly leaderboard. Do your best to get a high rank on the leaderboards.

Two modes including Level Mode and Infinite Mode can be played in this game. Each model features a unique goal and different racetracks. The objective of the Level Mode is to pass through hundreds of levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. Note that the higher the level, the more challenging it is. If you choose an Infinite Mode, attempt to go as far as possible in the endless tunnel. Break a leg!

Features of Slope Run

How to play: Press ARROW KEYS to jump and move.