Fruit Ninja


Fruit Ninja is a fantastic arcade and adventure game in which you have to use your great skills to slice fruits correctly and avoid sudden bombs.

For the first time, a new fruit game was released worldwide. In the realm of fruits, you can fight. Your fight opponents might be various fruits, but they can also be lethal bombs. Because of this game, each combat will become an exciting experience.

You'll play the part of a fruit killer. It's up to you to chop the fruit. If you miss three fruits, the game ends. When the score is a multiple of one percent, and the player loses at least one life, you get another life. Bombs are also hurled on the screen, and cutting them will finish the game.

Features of Fruit Ninja

  • Fun fruit-slashing game
  • Various fruits
  • Get a bonus point when creating a combo
  • Avoid bombs

How to control: Use mouse to slice

Release Date: Nov 01, 2021