Slope Game

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Slope Game takes you on an exciting journey of a ball on special paths. Your task is to keep the ball from rolling off the track and colliding with obstacles.

An interesting adventure

Are you a fan of thrilling journeys? Nowadays, there are many adventure games with interesting graphics and characters. However, these adventure games have few unique features. In the world of adventure games, you cannot ignore Slope Game because it is extremely unique. Instead of creating characters like humans or animals, this game has the main character as a ball. The ball is designed with black color and green stripes. The ball's journey is set in a vast universe where you can only see the darkness. This journey will never end until the ball is destroyed or falls into the abyss.

Unique background

At the start, the ball rolls from a small tunnel where there are obstacles around. When the ball leaves this tunnel, you will see a vast, mysterious universe. The ball rolls on platforms in the air and there are many giant platforms around the path the ball travels. These giant platforms make the space even bigger and scarier. If you don't pay attention for a moment, this vast space can swallow your balls.

Walkthrough Slope Game rules

In every journey, you only have one chance to move from the starting point. If the ball falls into the pool or is destroyed, you will start everything from the starting point. The farther you go, the higher the score you earn. This is the operating principle in this rolling game.

Get the high scores

You need to move the ball skillfully to extend the distance the ball can travel. Only long distances can bring you high scores. However, many players can only go a short distance because they do not have enough skills. To be able to achieve a high score, practicing skills is indispensable in the Slope Game. You can try again a hundred times but you must not give up. Failures help your control and reflexes gradually improve. At first, you may only score 3 points, but these scores will increase with each attempt. When you achieve a higher score than many people, your name can appear on the leaderboard. The leaderboard of this game only shows off the top players with high scores.

Avoid red blocks

You are probably familiar with dangerous obstacles like spikes, cogs, nails, etc in running games. However, Slope Game introduces completely new obstacles. They are red blocks that are mixed with regular blocks. Regular blocks are green while obstacles will be prominent red blocks. Red blocks are very dangerous because they will cause the ball to break into many pieces. So, it is essential to avoid any red blocks along the way. These obstacles appear a lot on the way and they are the main reason why many players lose.

Don't fall into the abysses

You can see deep black abysses at the base of the platforms. They can swallow anything that falls, so move carefully. Platforms of different sizes and lengths are the paths that the ball must pass through. Sometimes, small platforms make it difficult for players to move. With its small size, the ball can easily deflect and fall off the platform. In addition, the platforms are often spaced apart. Each jump from one platform to another is also very dangerous. Not only the participants of the game loved it but the viewers also enjoyed the action in this game. So, you can call your friends to see your skills through this game. You can also compete with each other to see who gets more points.

Tips and tricks to score points in Slope Game

Professional players of this Slope game must have a lot of experience and tips. However, new players find it quite difficult to conquer this speed game. So, I offer some tips and tricks to help new players easily earn points in this game.

Observe and guess quickly

Observation and judgment are always important skills in running games, including this Slope game. Here, you have a quick look at the situations surrounding the ball such as upcoming obstacles and platforms to overcome. Once you understand the difficulties you are about to face, predict possible situations. From there, you need to make a plan to overcome these obstacles quickly. You only have a few seconds to perform the above steps because the ball moves continuously at a fast speed. It even accelerates after passing through the acceleration arrows on the platforms.

Balance the control keys

To direct the ball to the left, you can press the A key. To direct the ball to the right, you need to press the D key. You need to balance skillfully between these two keys to keep the ball always in the middle of the platforms. The ball often gets deflected while moving, so you need to try to combine the A and D keys. In addition, you also use these two keys so that the ball can land on the platform when making jumps from one platform to another.

Although the graphics and gameplay are simple, this game has made many players addicted to it. Many players say that this game is the most suitable method to relieve stress during breaks. In addition, it is loved by many people because it is free for everyone everywhere.