Guide the protagonist in the game OvO successfully through a variety of hurdles and obstructions. There are a total of 52 levels for you to conquer.

How to play

The OVO game is a fascinating adventure in which players must go through a number of stages in order to complete the game. Players may go from one place to another with the use of teleportation portals. Deadly spikes await you as you go through the stages, so proceed with care and plan beforehand. Select "Play" on the webpage to begin playing the OVO game. Get as far as you can by avoiding danger and leaping over obstacles. Avoid danger by carefully placing teleportation gateways. Like any skill, playing more often will help you improve. Play this thrilling game from dedragames until you've beaten it in its entirety.

Tips and Tricks in the game OvO

You need to have methods and advice to improve your chances of winning. To begin, you should never stop exploring the screen in search of eggs and other goodies that will help you. Take care to avoid becoming cornered by foes or impediments. Second, the points and skills you get from collecting eggs vary depending on their color. Yellow eggs temporarily provide invincibility, while blue ones boost your speed. Finally, remember to employ your dash and leap moves while confronting challenging stages or monsters. Keep in mind that they only have so many uses before they need to be recharged, so you'll want to plan accordingly. If you follow these guidelines, you'll be able to play OVO better and have a better chance of winning.


WASD/arrow keys = move.