Twirl is an exciting ball-bouncing game that tests your reflexes and accuracy. Let the ball bounce into the correct green spots to double your score.


Your goal is to carefully turn the cylinder so that the lively, bouncing ball has a clear path to follow. Not only is it hard to keep the ball from hitting anything, but you also need to make sure it hits all of the green spots between the hurdles to get the most points.

Your score goes up every time you connect with a green spot correctly. This means that each level isn't just about staying alive, it's also about timing and accuracy. Your points will go through the roof the more correctly you guide the ball through the complicated maze. Twirl is a fun and challenging game where players are rewarded for finding the right mix between being careful and taking risks.

Progressive difficulty

As you conquer levels and gather orbs, Twirl doesn't shy away from ramping up the challenge. Brace yourself for an escalating pace that demands quicker reflexes and sharper decision-making. The game dynamically adjusts its difficulty, ensuring that every level presents a new and exciting hurdle to overcome.

How to play

Turn Left - left arrow

Turn Right - right arrow