Flappy Bird


Flappy Bird is a famous arcade game. Your task is to help the bird fly as far as possible and put your name on the leaderboard with the highest score.

This is a 2D game where your mission is just to keep the controlled bird from falling to the ground and from hitting the pipes along the way. You need to click the mouse to help the bird to flap its wings to increase the altitude. Your score will increase as you pass through more pipes. Although it seems uncomplicated, it is not as simple as you might believe. Controlling the bird in this game is very challenging. Whenever you stop clicking, this bird will immediately head to the ground. No matter how long you have played, you will still be unable to accurately estimate each take-off's altitude. Consequently, any water pipe will be a problem for you. If you only scored 0 points in the first play, do not be surprised because there are undoubtedly many people who have identical scores as you.

Although the gameplay is easy, it is difficult to win. How many pipes will you pass? This game will immerse you. You will increasingly want to break your best record and play it continuously. Let’s join the game now.

Graphics and sound effects

Flappy Bird has minimalistic graphics. Even the scene in the game is almost without too many details. This is not necessarily a minus point because you will soon realize that keeping your bird's height is already enough stress when you play. So if there are too many graphic details, they will only distract you more.

Flappy Bird also has the most minimalist sound. The game does not have any music at all. Instead, only the sound of the bird flapping its wings, the sound when you go through the water pipe, and when you hit the pipe or fall to the ground.

How to play

Use the mouse to control it.