Pacman is a famous maze game made by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Control a Pac-man to move around the maze and consume as many coins as possible.

The gameplay of this game is similar to Pac Xon. In this game, you will take control of Pac-man to move around the maze and consume all coins. Be careful with the little monsters. If you crash into them, the game is over. Therefore, you must evade them at all costs. However, when the monsters transform into ghosts, you can chase them and eat them to get extra points. Do your best to gain as many points as possible.

Featuring eye-catching graphics and simple gameplay, this game won millions of players after it was launched. Play this game now to explore dark mazes. Don't forget to check out other games of the same style such as Pac Hero and Flipman. Besides, our website presents Slope Game which is an interesting game.

How to control

Press ARROW KEYS to control the character.