Pac Xon


Pac Xon is a fun arcade game. You must fill the empty space and capture the ghost. The goal is to bite off pieces of the board and claim them as safe territory.

Pac Xon's goal is to construct the wall so that it takes up 80% of the available space. Pac Xon is a game that plays similarly to Pac-Man, but with a twist. You won't have to navigate the maze to eat the small pellets. Instead, you'll need to build a wall with your movements that fill the screen. This goal must be finished while avoiding ghost attacks. You will perish if they come across an unfinished wall. As you progress through Pac Xon's higher levels, you'll encounter a lot of ghosts. Each one is a test. Pac Xon has 50 levels.

How to play

Use Mouse/ Arrow Keys/ WASD to play