Pac Hero


Pac Hero is a funny arcade game. Your mission is to control a Pac man to move around to eat as many yellow dots as possible and avoid the monsters.

This game is played by taking control of a Pac hero to move around to eat as many yellow dots as possible. The game only ends when all yellow dots are cleared. Be careful with the monsters. Try to run as fast as possible to avoid them if you don’t want to lose soon. Eat magic potions to weaken the monsters. When the skin of monsters turns green, don't hesitate to attack them to gain bonus points. The cherries sometimes appear anywhere. You can eat them to get bonus points. Do your best to gain the highest possible score to raise your rank on the leaderboard.

This game features 30 levels with different degrees of difficulty. Attempt to accomplish all of the levels and have fun.

Features of Pac Hero

  • 30 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty
  • Easy control
  • Leaderboard support
  • Captivating 2D graphics and lively music tunes

How to play: Press ARROW KEYS to move.