Graffiti Time


Graffiti Time takes you to a world of color, where you use your creativity to decorate a city. Control the character to make graffiti and complete the level.

In this game, you will travel to a new world where you can unleash your creativity to create graffiti. However, to complete the level, you have to draw on demand and then create more to make the city become more beautiful. In addition, you also have to collect keys to open the spaceship. It will take you to another planet, which means you have completed the level and can move on to the next level.

It is said that the game helps you entertain and relieve stress well. You can easily understand the rules and succeed on the first try. In addition, do not miss Slope Game, Foxy Land 2, and Wonderputt on our web. They are also amusing games.

How to play

AD or the left and right arrow keys to move.

W or the up arrow key to jump.

C to paint graffiti and enter freehand tagging mode in front of the city props.