Wonderputt is a fun and addicting adventure golf game that features ski slopes, torpedoes, and a variety of other unique places to putt the ball.

Your mission will be to get the ball into the hole, and you'll start out with only one beautiful landscape that's filled with a variety of fun playgrounds to choose from. You may control the power and direction of your shot by clicking on the ball and then moving the mouse in the appropriate direction.

This entertaining game will keep you on your toes, so get right in and explore each and every one of the many scenarios that you may take part in. If you played minigolf in real life, how good are you? This will most certainly be of assistance to you in achieving victory in this exciting round of golf. Grab your golf club and make sure you just need one shot to sink the ball into the hole every time. Are you ready? Learn more today, and have fun playing Wonderputt!

How to Play:

Use the mouse