Foxy Land 2


Explore a new land in Foxy Land 2, where you will transform into a fox. You need to collect the required number of cherries to advance to the next level.

Like Foxy Land, the little fox named Foxy will be controlled by you if you choose 1P mode. You'll need to fend off enemy intrusions because they are trying to take away the cherries. Without this cherry, Foxy's whole family would not be able to survive. So you have to go to the forest and look for the required cherries. You will have to overcome a lot of traps before you can collect them. You have to jump over high mounds, large holes, or sharp spikes. Be careful not to die. You also have 5 lives. Do not lose all lives before gathering all cherries.

In addition, you can invite another person to join this game in 2P mode. You will control Foxy and Jenny, Foxxy's wife, will be controlled by the other. Try to collect cherries and avoid traps. If you want to play other multiplayer games, let's join Ducky Adventure, and Slope Game.

How to play

A to turn left.

D to turn right.

W to jump.

Double W to jump higher.