Description is an entertaining action online game in which you control a goose. You find yourself in an arena with the sole goal of annihilating other players.

Unruly geese had irritated the farmer by stealing his belongings and bothering him during his daily chores, so he had no choice but to confine them all in an enclosure. Naturally, the geese focused their efforts on one another, and their lives have now become a constant battle for survival.

Because there isn't enough food for everyone, only some of the animals are able to consume enough to become larger and stronger than others. Can you outwit your opponents and become the server's most vicious goose?

Your geese automatically eat food and earn bonuses: eat farm produce, candies, and other items to increase your life bar and strength. Medicine can restore some of the health you might have lost in a fight, red swords will improve your attack and lightning will make you faster for a little period.

How to play:

Use your mouse to move your goose in the desired direction. Click the left mouse button to attack and make yourself run faster.