Description is the only pirate battle royale where you may steal all the treasure. You play as a powerful pirate searching the Caribbean for rich chests.

How to play

As your rivals would never give you access to the riches they possess, the only option to settle this conflict of interest is to engage in a gruesome and bloody duel to the death with swords.

Become the absolute winner in the game

The game of often lasts little more than a few minutes, with the battlefield shrinking and player aggression increasing as a result of the incoming poison gas. Take the gold that's within the chests by smashing them to pieces. When you kill an enemy, you also have access to their gold supply. You grow in size and strength in proportion to your possessions but might suddenly find yourself destitute after suffering a handful of bad knocks.

Be on the lookout for danger at all times, threats might be approaching from anywhere. Only the most skilled fighter and most well-equipped buccaneer will prevail.


Use the WASD keys to move and the left mouse button to launch attacks.