Yahtzee is a multiplayer dice game played with five dice, your task in the game is to score points by rolling a certain number of dice combinations.

The Basic Rules of Yahtzee

On each turn, a participant will roll the dice up to three times in an attempt to obtain the optimal dice combination. After each throw, the player has the option of keeping any number of dice and re-rolling the remainder. The player may also cease rolling and score their current combination at any time.

In the game, there are thirteen distinct scoring categories, each of which can only be used once per game. There are two section of categories: the upper section and the lower section.

In the upper segment, players accumulate points by adding the total value of specific dice numbers. For instance, if a player rolls three twos and two fours, they have the option of scoring six points in the "Twos" category.

In the lower segment, players accumulate points by rolling specific dice combinations. For instance, if a player rolls three identical dice, he or she may obtain the total value of all the dice.

The winner is the player with the most points at the conclusion of the competition.

How to play

Use the mouse.