Worlds Hardest Game


The Worlds Hardest Game lives up to its moniker. It will make you laugh, cry, and go insane for a short time. See how far you can go before becoming trapped.

In the game, each level presents a new challenge. Some levels may require you to move quickly and react quickly, while others may require you to slow down. Take a moment to review each level before beginning. This will save you time on unnecessary restarts that could have been avoided. If you notice any areas on the map where blue balls do not reach, these will be your safe zones. You should also pay attention to how fast the blue balls move. Some may be moving quickly, while others may be moving slowly.

Tips and tricks:

Time your moves precisely

Surviving a level in Worlds Hardest Game requires timing and accuracy. Make sure you locate the best time to make your move - even a fraction of a second might make all the difference.

Learn the levels well

Unless you're a speedrunning expert, you're going to die a lot. This allows you to understand the level and discover where you're doing wrong. Examine how the barriers move and devise a strategy for reaching the green spot.

Find resting spots and checkpoints

Some levels have areas outside of the blue balls where you may take a break. There aren't many chances like these, but they may help you organize your ideas. There are also checkpoints on certain levels where you may store your progress.

Keep a cool head

Even the first level in this game is challenging, yet it is attainable. After completing the first level, you'll learn that if you remain calm and patient, you can go farther.

How to play:

Use the arrow keys to avoid all the obstacles.