Wet Dodges


Wet Dodges is a unique adventure game with quite simple gameplay mechanics, you need to control a straight line forward and not hit obstacles.

How to play

You will have to navigate a path full of different obstacles and gradually increase your incline to reach the finish line. The gameplay is simple but engaging, encouraging you to conquer increasingly difficult levels. Your main goal is to collect white balls, which increase your descent speed, getting you closer to your goal.

Introducing some features of the game Wet Dodges

White Balls: These seemingly innocent spheres are your ticket to success. Collecting white balls will boost your descent, propelling you closer to the finish line. Keep an eye out for them and make sure to grab as many as you can.

Black Balls: Beware of the black balls! These devious orbs act like bombs and will decrease your descent. Avoid them at all costs, as they can quickly derail your progress and lead to a game over.

Black Fields: Similar to the black balls, black fields also reduce your descent. These areas should be approached with caution, as they can throw off your carefully calculated trajectory.

Purple Circular Fields: Prepare for a twist in the gameplay when you encounter purple circular fields. These enigmatic zones alter your descent control, introducing alternative mechanics. With alternative control, each touch of the screen or click of the left mouse button sends you upward instead of downward. Mastering these altered controls is essential to overcoming the challenges that lie ahead.

Pink Paired Circles with Arrows: Look out for these teleportation hubs scattered throughout the game. They consist of paired circles, one with a white arrow indicating the entry point and the other with a dark arrow indicating the exit point. Stepping into the white arrow circle will teleport you to the corresponding dark arrow circle, allowing you to bypass certain obstacles and progress further in the game.

How to control

Use the mouse.