Trap The Cat


Trap The Cat is an entertaining game, keep an eye on the enemy's movements, analyze them, and anticipate them. Make it move in the desired direction by forcing it.

To make a barrier, click the circles. Capturing the cat can be difficult. It's best to begin farther away from the cat because if you build too close, the cat will always find a way to squeeze through! When you've figured it out and built a fairly wide, closed perimeter, you must then fill it with circles until the cat can't jump anymore. At this point, you've circled the cat, and the game restarts.

Allow the cat's personality to emerge above the pentagon areas. Simply squeeze the areas around the cat until the zone turns black. Try to keep the cat in the zone you've designated. If you successfully trap the cat, you will win the game.

Trap The Cat Rules:

The goal of the cat trap game is to trap as many cats as possible without letting them escape so that if the cat gets to the last spot and you haven't covered it, it will escape and you will lose the game. If you want to learn more about this online viral game, check out the trap the cat game guide below.

How to play:

Use mouse