Thumb Fighter


Thumb Fighter is a fun fight of thumbs, you can challenge your opponents to real-time matches, or test your thumb wrestling skills against many other opponents.

Your mission in the game Thumb Fighter

Your mission in the game is to dominate the thumb wrestling arena and become the undisputed champion of thumb combat. You must use the strength, agility, and intelligence of your thumb to outwit and defeat your opponents.

As you progress through the game, your opponents will increase in talent and difficulty. Your objective is to surpass every opponent, accumulate points, and win every match. Demonstrate your thumb-fighting expertise, plan your moves, and strive for precision to defeat your opponents.

Gaining recognition, gaining access to new opponents, and potentially gaining access to special power-ups or abilities that can give you an advantage in future encounters are all rewards for victory. Your objective is to defeat all opponents, demonstrate your thumb-fighting prowess, and become the undisputed thumb-fighting champion.

How to control

A = Attack Player 1

L = Attack Player 2