Supergun is an addictive arcade shooter that focuses on high scores and features attractive classic 3D visuals as well as a catchy electronic accompaniment.

How to play

You are in control of a spaceship, and the objective of the game is to navigate the galaxy while avoiding colliding with any red squares. Your ship will maneuver and fire automatically for you, all you need to do is control its left and right movements. Although it may sound simple, the gameplay is really fast, and you will need excellent reactions in order to succeed.

Tips and tricks

As you make progress, your ship will sail through the maze of squares, you should steer clear of the red square and make an effort to strike the other colored squares, as doing so will earn you bonus points. Additionally, keep an eye out for the yellow and grey circles because they offer a significant increase in the firepower of your ships, such as a quad gun or spaceships that help target the red squares. Test your ability to make it further in the game and see what kind of high score you can achieve.


Use AD or left/right arrow to steer.