Super Slope Game


Super Slope Game is a fun running action game. You have to guide a ball to overcome all obstacles, avoid falling into space and try to get the highest score.

You must maneuver the ball in order to run as far as possible in this game. Maintain control of the ball while avoiding all obstacles. It's worth noting that the ball's speed will grow over time. As a result, you'll need to work on your quick reflexes in order to jump from one platform to the next and stay alive in this game. Aside from that, you must avoid falling into endless space. Falling signifies the end of the game.

You should collect diamonds while sprinting on the unending route to unlock new ball skins. Skins that haven't been unlocked can help you improve your ball control. Attempt to achieve the greatest possible score! Best of luck!

Features of Super Slope Game

  • The infinite running game with max speed and multiple game modes
  • Collect diamonds to unlock new skins
  • Cool graphics and art animations

How to play

  • Use "A, D"/ Left, Right Arrow Keys/ Mouse to control the ball.

Release Date

  • Feb 10, 2022