Stickman Climb!


Stickman Climb! is a climbing game, you control a stickman with a pickaxe in its hand and must balance your strong arms and powerful pickaxe to the finish line.

How to play

Game climbing Stickman Climb! is a new category of game that involve rock-climbing superheroes. In these games, the user must grasp a hammer in order to do various tasks that are vital to block climbers. You get to choose your stickman's pot, hammer, rocks to climb, and costume. Choose the stick figure hero of the climbing game and demonstrate the imposter's block hammer leap. Get ready to super climb that hill before you assume the role of the one-block survival player. The path to triumph is littered with dangerous spikes, so you'll need to take advantage of every checkpoint along the way. Applying the rules of physics will have you winning in no time.


  • Climbers are thwarted by the abundance of rocks and cliffs.
  • Use savvy tactics in your game.
  • A fresh take on Potman with easy controls.
  • Stickman uses a hammer as a climbing aid.


Left / Right arrow keys

Respawn - Enter