Stack colors


In Stack Colors, you have to help the little man gather up all the platforms of the same hue. A long list of challenges awaits you on the path to victory.

How to play

Rotate your character from left to right to get them in the proper position to match up with the appropriate color. You are only able to take up blocks that are the same color as the ones you are currently carrying in your hand. If you walk on the incorrect color, you will lose bricks and your temperature will progress further.

If you want to reach a frenzy state, you need to keep accumulating the right hue without making any errors. When your body temperature is high enough, all the blocks become the same hue and can be picked up in one fell swoop. There are fewer things to get in your way, and for a short time, you can gather colors like a machine without fear of harm.

Win with a high score

Accumulate as many blocks as you can, then rapidly press in the direction of the finish line to send your blocks farther away. The further they will travel depends on the number of stones you have and the amount of power you apply.


Use the mouse.