Stack City


Stack City is a game of building a prosperous city by stacking scaffolding, shops and buildings while generating money to expand your urban empire.


At the heart of Stack City is the joy of building. Players start with a blank grid where they can drag and drop scaffoldings to create the foundation of their city. As you stack these scaffoldings higher and higher, they transform into more sophisticated structures, from humble stores to towering skyscrapers. Each building you create not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your city but also generates money, providing the resources needed to explore new lands and acquire additional scaffoldings.

Color-Coded Challenges

Adding a layer of strategy to the game, certain squares on the grid are color-coded. This means that you can only build structures that match the color of the square, challenging you to think carefully about your placement and construction plans. This feature ensures that each decision matters and that players must plan their city’s layout with foresight and precision.

How to play

Use the mouse.