Sonic Exe


Sonic exe is a creepypasta story about a teenager who witnesses a series of paranormal occurrences while playing a computer video game based.

Sonic exe is a scary game?

It's a really terrifying game, and it only has one executable (exe). Tails, Knuckles, and Dr. Robotnik are the three characters that may be controlled by the player in this game.

There are a total of four tiers to choose from. The first is the green hill in yin, followed by angel island paradise before it was destroyed (as a result of the robot doctor's robot) in sonic III, the brain scrap factory in yin, and then ultimately the stone ruins marble in negative I but bloody horror "green hill."

At the conclusion of each turn, the nefarious sonic will take the lives of all of the characters.

Exe file with the individual character's cries of agony. A sound screen depicting a gory face with the words "I am god" appears at the conclusion of the game, followed by a stage with some really ominous backing music.

The gamer has no choice except to close the game using the computer's task manager. There are a lot of people that believe that the entire game is haunted; on YouTube, there are a lot of channels that make videos regarding Sonic. In a game with a variety of different themes, many terrifying tales are told about Sonic the Hedgehog. Exe with an untidy appearance, fresh blood, and a smirk on its face. from one ear to the other, exposing a pair of teeth that are terrifyingly sharp.

Why is sonic so cruel?

In this game, you should pay attention to three factors. The first is the sentence "Kyle does not want to play with me," and the second is Sally's initial and final gaming scenes.

Especially at the beginning of the game, sonic.exe always has multiple instances of the verb "play," loosely translated as play with. For a deranged pervert like sonic.exe, there must be an attachment that compels him to do it repeatedly.

Perhaps, in an alternate musical universe. Sonic is a social outcast who has no one to hang out with when he wants to have fun with someone. He fell in love with Sally, but she did not return his affection.

Sonic became Sonic exe due to loneliness, self-pity, and hatred over being shunned and rejected by the lady he cherished. Where he murdered all of his apathetic opponents.

How to play:

  • Press Z or ENTER keys to start the game.
  • Press Left - Right Arrow Keys to move
  • Press a Down Arrow Key to sit down
  • Press a Z or X key to jump
  • Hold the left mouse button to look up.