Slope Soccer


Slope Soccer is a sports game where you control a ball while trying to avoid all obstacles. While the ball rolls downhill try to score many goals.

Will you be able to climb the Slope Soccer leaderboard?

Descend through various inclined platforms, score numerous goals, go through tunnels, perform aerial acrobatics, and try to reach as many goals as possible while avoiding flags, obstacles, and opponents! Take a deep breath, test your reflexes, and try your hardest not to fall off the cliff. You can collect small orbs that will help you gain more points and slow down your movement speed for a short period of time.

But beware: There are a number of dangerous obstacles, such as flag posts and figures, that will try to force you off the platform. At all costs, avoid them.

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How to play:

A / left arrow key = move left

D / right mouse button = move right