Skibidi Toilet


Skibidi Toilet is a very interesting challenge game. Pick the protruding head on the toilet, collect toilet paper, and push your opponent off the field.

How to play

Get moving quickly and shove all of your competitors to get points. You can enjoy hours of entertainment playing this game by yourself versus bots, or you can have even more fun playing it locally with a friend.

Get your hands on as much toilet paper as you can so that you can bulk up and continue to improve your physical prowess. When you reach your full size, you'll realize that your adversaries won't be able to push you too hard, and you'll be able to send them straight to hell with every touch you land on them. You will also be able to snack on fiery chili peppers, and you are well aware of the effects that such foods can have when you are seated on a toilet.


Use the mouse or WASD.