Roller Splat!


Roller Splat! is an exciting arcade game. Your task is to move the ball to fill color into all the blanks in just one drawing. Be easy but addictive gameplay!

Each level in this entertaining puzzle game has a maze. The game's object is for you to roll the colorful ball through the labyrinth and paint each spot. The most challenging aspect of the game is that the ball will not stop moving as it moves. So unless it strikes a wall, you won't be able to stop it. You must devise an effective ball rotation method and ensure no gaps in the maze. Otherwise, you won't be able to finish the level. You can move the ball around with your mouse by swiping it in the desired direction. You can also play with the keyboard arrows up, down, left, and right. New balls will become accessible as you go through the game and pass the stages. Good luck and happiness!

Features of Roller Splat!

  • Cool graphics
  • Addictive and simple game
  • Singleplayer

How to control

  • Swipe to move

Release Date

  • Jul 03, 2020