Return Man 2


Return Man 2 is a fun American football video game that features a ton of different stages, challenges, and techniques with special abilities for you.

Conquer every challenge of Return Man 2

To get started, pick the level you want to play - as you progress through the game, more levels become available to you. Following the completion of the level selection process, you will be presented with the fundamental game instructions. Run as fast as you can to the yellow circle in time to catch the ball when you're playing the game. You are required to grab the ball and make your way to the end zone from this position.

When your character runs, you have to do your best to avoid being tackled by other players. Always make sure to make advantage of your special moves. A spin, an increase in speed, and a front flip are included in the special moves. Because there is a charge bar associated with each maneuver, it is important to pay attention and only use them sparingly.

How to play

Use the I, J, K, and L keys to run into directions. Move quickly to the yellow circle to catch the ball. Use your teammates to get past the defenders and into the end zone. Watch out for the kicker, who will slow you down. You lose possession if you don't make it to the end zone. This game has unlockable special moves. A spin (A key), speed burst (S key), or front flip are examples (D key).