Pull My Tongue


Welcome to the challenging world of Pull My Tongue! Get ready to embark on a puzzle-solving adventure to help the chameleon satisfy his popcorn cravings.

How to play

The gameplay revolves around solving a series of physics-based puzzles. The central mechanic of the game involves extending and retracting Greg's long tongue to navigate through various obstacles and collect popcorn.

Levels and Challenges in the game Pull My Tongue

In each level, Greg's long and stretchy tongue is your main tool. You'll need to manipulate his tongue by swiping and pulling it in different directions, navigating through a series of obstacles and traps to reach the tasty popcorn. But be careful! The path to the popcorn is filled with various challenges and hazards that will test your timing and strategic thinking.

The game features a wide variety of puzzles that progressively increase in difficulty. You'll encounter moving platforms, spikes, switches, and other interactive elements that require precise timing and clever maneuvering to overcome. As you progress, new mechanics and obstacles are introduced, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging.


Use the mouse.