Poke Game


Game Poke is a game that arranges shuffled puzzle pieces into a complete Pokemon. Through each level, the difficulty will increase gradually.

How to play

Start by trying to find edge pieces. These are the pieces around the edge of the problem, and they have straight edges. Put them down, right side up. Corner pieces are located within the edge pieces. These are distinguished by the 90-degree intersection of two parallel sides. Put these corner pieces in place to get the frame started. Keep searching for and installing the remaining edge pieces around the frame. Edges that are already joined together are guaranteed to do so. Now that the border is established, you may begin sorting the jigsaw pieces by color, texture, and pattern. Pieces with similar or identical images should be grouped together. They may now be placed more precisely thanks to this. When in doubt, give it a quarter turn and see if that helps. An 'unmatched' piece may actually fit nicely with just a little bit of rotation.


Use the mouse.